The FAQ section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about hospitality requests.
General Questions
How can I view a request from other users in my organization?
To view requests from other users, you must be added to the organization chart by a organization admin.  Once added you will be able to view your requests as well as requests from everyone else in the organization. 

Note: You may not edit any other users request.
How do I add a user to the organization so they can view other users hospitality requests?
To add a user to your organization, go to the 'Manage Users' page which is linked in the left column on your screen.  In the first box, type in either the University ID, Network ID or their name (Last, First).  You will then have to select their name from the drop down list that will display.  In the organization drop down list, select the organization that you wish to add to that user, then press the add button.  The user will then be listed in the list on your screen.  If you wish the remove that user, click on the 'Remove' button by their name.
Where can I find the hospitality code that goes with my request?
The hospitality code can be found by going to the 'View Request' page.  The hospitality code will only be displayed with your request if it has been approved or denied.  When your request is in a pending state, there has not been a hospitality code assigned to it yet.
How is the template used and how do I create one?
The template is a feature that will be helpful to users that are consistently using the same information in their hospitality requests.

Whenever you first select the 'Create Request' link, it takes you to a page that asks you to select a template from a drop down list.  You can select a template that you have created in the list and push the 'Create Hospitality Request' button.  It will then bring in all the information from your template except for the event date.

To create a template, you must have already created a hospitality request, because the template is created by basing it off of an existing request.  Go to the 'View Request' page, find the request you would like to base your template off of and click on the icon in the 'Template' column.  A window will display asking you to name your template, give it a name and press the 'Save' button.
What is a profile and how do I use it?
A profile is intended for users that use the same CoA code and organization code frequently.  Profiles allow the user to define a CoA and organization code that can default in the form when they create a request.  They can create multiple profiles and select a profile from a drop down list when creating a request as well. 

To create a profile, select the 'Edit Profile' link in the left column on your screen.  On the page that displays, select the CoA code and Organization code that you wish to use for a profile.  Select the "Use as default" check box if you would like for this to be the profile that is initially used when you start a request, and press the 'Add' button.  You may change the default by selecting the radio button beside the profile you wish in the list of profile at the bottom of the page.  If you would like to remove a profile from the list, select the 'Remove' button beside that record.
How do I remove a template that I have created?    
To remove a template that is no longer needed, go to the 'Edit Profile' page.  On that page, there is a box with two tabs, one tab says "Templates", select that tab.  Beside the template that you wish to delete, select the recycle bin icon beside it.